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Cyber Solutions 

Cybercrime and terrorism is a phenomenon that is here to stay and the fastest growing criminal activity known to man. Current damages are estimated at $400 Billion this year with a million people/businesses as victims each day. As businesses and governments dependence on internet based and mobile solutions and services grow – Cyber crime will keep growing.

The acronym Cyberterrorism may be misleading and adding to the problem, as it seems to indicate that it is a national issue for governments to deal with just as they are responsible for all aspects of Homeland Security. This is not the case as the main organizations suffering the consequences are businesses and all executives are responsible for improving the bottom line.

Eco Cyber Technology is now able to offer our partners and clients a hosted service encompassing all aspects of cyber warfare through our independent cyber command centers deployed in your region. This solution allows government entities and businesses the opportunity to obtain total protection in a seamless manner without the need to fund the cost of erecting such a complex platform on their own.

This offering delivers the most complex set of cyber protection currently available, ongoing updating of all services priced in a manner to meet your budget and needs. In addition to this offering delivering unsurpassed protection, it allows for seamless integration with your systems without the drain on your resources to launch and maintain such a platform.

As dependency on the internet and mobile solutions increase the threats to your IT infrastructure and organization proliferate. Keeping your systems safe are important to both prevent fraud/theft and confidential information leakage but equally of importance is to maintain the trust of your clients/membership and quality of services.


Safe City systems and Homeland Security

In recent year’s police and security forces have entered a reality in which the types and scopes of threats falling under their responsibility are ever changing requiring the continuous development and redevelopment of the Security Concept and the tools required to address each threat. Numerous vendors jumped on the HLS bandwagon and offer various systems and solutions – How can city and security managers differentiate between all vendors and make a choice with confidence? Our team has registered success in some of the most challenging cities across the globe.

Eco Cyber Technology does not sell video surveillance equipment but works with city managers and commanders to develop the proper Security Concept (based on world-class expertise in the HLS security arena). Once the true needs are defined we leverage our unique experience and proven track record for developing and delivering the most advanced Command & Control systems worldwide. Merging these two core competencies alongside the company’s Project Management excellence allow us to deliver turn-key projects that poise Eco Cyber Technology in a class of its own. We have a track record of delivery of complete Safe City projects incorporating the emergency call center, dispatching platform (online resource allocation & tracking for all emergency services), Gunfire Sensors, Panic Buttons, LPR systems and video sensors and much more. The Command & Control Centers, all engineering & civil works and the wireless networks supporting the system were designed, developed and implemented including all training, onsite support and maintenance.

Pre-Emptability: Security cameras do not detect or pre-empt. Our intelligent platform has built-in intelligence to learn the characteristics of routine behavior and automatically sounds alerts upon the occurrence of “irregular event/activity”. This is the user friendly HLS system delivering the ability to pre-empt. VO3DM™: Video Over 3D Maps delivers instant orientation and a real-time picture of the events as they develop and evolve. Our system delivers the best utilization of First Responders: Arrive sooner and better informed to deal with the scenario at hand.

Scalability: Grow your system and stop replacing. As your security requirements evolve requiring additional inputs and equipment – our solution adapts and grows with you seamlessly. Eco Cyber Technology brings new meaning to the concept of Command & Control by offering a single platform customized according to the individual Security Concept and integrating all resources (VISINT, ELINT & HUMINT) offering better security, delivering control to those who are in command.


Education and Science

We provide more updated methodologies for the modernization of the education sector at all levels: basic, intermediate, colleges, universities and institutions of advanced technical training. We have a team of professionals and specialists, Curriculum Development in Teaching of Sciences, Physics, Biology and Professional Technical Education in basic, intermediate and university levels. We are specially focused on providing Cyber academy solutions on different levels.

Our consulting services for the design and implementation of educational projects (Laboratories, Curriculum) to universities, colleges, schools and organizations / projects are recognized by the European Community, IADB, WB, CABEI among others.



We are working with a world leading technology developer and applied sciences companies. Our proven technologies are one of the best technologies that change the physical characteristics of the worlds largest industrial waste through a patented process that transforms waste to a benign, safe and fully certificated product.

In other words, we create a new, clean and safe product from highly toxic waste that becomes a new product - the ultimate in recycling and renewables. This newly formed product is proven, sustainable and environmentally safe, a world best technology for the treatment of water, soils and sludge.

Our advanced technologies can successfully treat contaminated water, soil and air/gases. Our proven results has lead us to be the number one consultant and subject matter expert, successfully providing solutions to all major industries and governments.


Marketing strategy services

Developing & execution digital lead generation strategies for professional services firms. We have experienced experts for different platforms, SEO, SEM, marketing automation, blogs, websites, social media marketing (SMM) and conversion optimization (CRO).

Helping senior executives understand the latest in digital marketing capabilities and then leading their teams through the strategic planning process and successful implementation of digitally enabled strategies. Developing and implementing marketing strategies related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the internet or technology.

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