About Us


Eco Cyber Technology corporation is a project planning and management company that focuses on transforming aspirations into reality by developing streamlined strategies and the required tactics, alongside rigid ongoing result measurement to ensure projects are completed on-time, on-budget and on target..

Eco Cyber Technology links strategy with performance by introducing highly innovative business practices. Combining theories and frameworks with intuitive action plans defines our track record of success. We specialize in assisting companies and governments plan and execute projects that deliver long-term value and improve quality of life.

Eco Cyber Technology formed dedicated in-house and outsourced teams of world-class operations professionals that execute boardroom developed strategies and implement them in the field with pristine precision ensuring that results meet or exceed plans.

Eco Cyber Technology is a Project Planning, Management & Execution powerhouse on steroids.

Eco Cyber Technology is headquartered in Singapore and having operational offices in North Macedonia, representative offices in Australia and outsourced teams of world-class operations professionals in Israel and USA.

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Our Approach

  • Strategy

Strategy is the backbone of every project and contains the core operational guidelines that define how the project will be implemented and in-course – the end results. Eco Cyber Technology provides customers with the critical processes and original thinking to establish well-conceived, highly effective strategies.

  • Tactics

Tactics are the tools and materials used in order to implement a solid and carefully planned strategy. Eco Cyber Technology Tactical Services provide the processes and tools needed to support a comprehensive, integrated program. By combining our intuitive sense of business and innate creativity, our partners benefit from powerful and highly effective guidelines ensuring success and the tools to measure it each step of the way.

  • Implementation & Execution

The planning and preparations are the foundations for the implementation - which needs to be timed and executed to extract all the potential the strategy permits.  Eco Cyber Technology Implementation Services provide the guidance, support and assistance during the crucial implementation phase. This includes rolling up our sleeves to help get the job done - keeping the creative ideas flowing and making certain efficiencies are incorporated so the ROI on each fund is maximized


Offices around the world


Skopje - Marketing Sales & Integrations
Tel Aviv - Cyber Development Office
Singapore - Headquarters Office
Australia - Office Ecology waste treatment